Kuala Lumpur: A City for Business and Leisure

Known as the most populous city in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has an area of 243 km2. Aside from this, the city is the heart of the country, where businesses and tourist spots can be found. The city is also known for its diverse culture. It offers various wonderful tourist spots and things to do for every visitor. It has a natural beauty which catches the heart of tourists from all across the world. When you visit this wonderful city, you will surely have a great and fun-filled shopping, dining, and travel experience.

Kuala Lumpur: What You Need to Know

Kuala Lumpur is considered to be the industrial and commercial district of Malaysia. The city itself can provide an avenue for every business to grow. A lot of businesses and companies are situated in the city. The city also houses famous infrastructures and skyscrapers. In fact the world’s 5th tallest telecommunication tower, the Kuala Lumpur Tower is found in the city. Also, the city is the legislative capital of Malaysia; it is the seat of the Parliament.

What to Do and Where to Go?

If you wish to enjoy the city even more, planning a trip is a very nice idea. The city can offer you various places to visit and fun things to do. Shopping and dining are just a few things of what you can do around the city.

Petronas Towers – Even though these famous twin skyscrapers were surpassed by Taipei 101 in 2004, they remained to be the world’s tallest twin towers. This particular landmark is situated in the city. It has a sky bridge which allows every tourist to walk across the two towers at 170 meters above the ground. You may also find a gift shop inside, where you can shop for various mementos.

Batu Caves – Located in the Gombak district, this is another exciting place in the city. It is situated about 15 km north of the city. It is considered to be a sacred place in the country, specifically for people who believe in Hinduism. Also, it is where Hindu festival is held every year.

Lake Gardens – If you love nature, then this place is perfect for you. Opened in 1991, this famous park measures 91.6 hectares and is situated at the city center which makes it easy for everyone to visit it. Initially, it was called Public Gardens but its present name is the preferred name of this famous landmark.

Thean Hou Temple – Completed in 1987, this famous landmark is considered to be one of the famous tourist spots in the city. It is a Chinese temple which was opened in 1989 for public viewing. Its architectural features represent Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. This landmark is perfect for every traveler who wishes to see the historical side of the city.

With all the fun and exciting things you can do and see in Kuala Lumpur, it is surely a suitable city for business and leisure. The city is not only home to various skyscrapers; you can also visit wonderful historical spots in the city. Indeed, Kuala Lumpur is a great destination for every traveler.

Harvard Square – So Much to See and So Much to Do

Cambridge is a city in Massachusetts State of the USA which is famous for its many historic attractions. The city also nestles several popular squares where the locals and visitors can meet, shop, dine and unwind away from the busy streets. Cambridge is also home to the world renowned private campus, the Harvard University. In the heart of this campus sprawls a 25 acre turf known as Harvard Yard, snuggling the campus’ earliest buildings.

Right next to Harvard Yard rests one of the most famous commercial centres and public squares known as the Harvard Square. Not only it is a major shopping and dining hub in Cambridge, but Harvard Square is also famous for being a historical and cultural centre. As it sits in the vicinity of the campus, the square serves as a retreat for campus students as much as for the Boston folks living in its western suburbs.

Harvard Square is one of the best shopping hubs in Cambridge. There is also considerable amount of bookstores here, enough to attract bookworms across the world like a super magnet. You can buy books written in local and foreign languages besides science fictions, children’s and women’s literature. And that also includes rare collections. Words aren’t enough to describe the diversity of choices you get here. Some of the things you can buy at the Harvard Square includes jewellery, pottery, fashions and shoes, sports goods, furniture, flowers and so much more.

Harvard Square hosts an array of vivacious festivals, carnivals and celebrations including the Cambridge Carnival International. This vibrant festival inspired by African traditions expects more than 150,000 spectators every year. The Harvard Square is home to a wide variety of entertainment varying from classical to Inca and jazz to folk music, besides ballet and comedy shows. The square also houses art galleries apart from schools and theatres promoting music and ballet. You will also find several museums nestled here, covering disciplines like art, natural history, archaeology and ethnology.

A tour in Cambridge’s Harvard Square will not be complete without dropping by some of its restaurants. The square is home to dozens of cosmopolitan restaurants serving Irish, Italian, Indian and French cuisines. Pick your preference out of hundreds of delicacies including house-ground hamburgers, freshest seafood dishes, sizzling Tandoori specials and charcoal-grilled pizzas. And to complement these luscious menus you can choose between award winning desserts, all time favourite ice creams, premium tea or whole-bean coffee.

If you are a leisure or business traveller in Boston this is your chance to experience the most happening Harvard Square in Cambridge. Stay in one of the finest Boston hotels that will keep you connected with important business venues as well as attractions in Boston. Housed within a historic building with a classic facade, The Langham Boston is an ideal choice for a luxury hotel in Boston. Catering to different budgets and tastes this hotel offers you a range of tastefully designed luxury suites and rooms topped with modern amenities. What’s more the discerning guests are served with scrumptious Mediterranean and international cuisines from breakfast to dinner at its gourmet restaurant.

Goa: Lusty and Hearty!

A holiday in Goa gives endless memories to cherish in the future. There are fascinating beaches, where a perfect mix of sea, sand and surf can be enjoyed. There are wonderful colonial structures, which announce themselves with a breathtaking architectural grandeur. There are awesome flea markets for delightful shopping and a range of restaurants & hotels to satiate your taste buds. And so on.

Actually, Goa has almost everything that tourists find interesting. Most often, a Goa tour begins at its beaches, which have a matchless fascination to offer. Swaying palms, arousing water waves, warm golden sand and an abundance of modern luxury make Goa beaches perfect for relax and rejuvenation. Some of Goa beaches find place among top Asiatic beaches, and are thronged by thousands of travelers year-round.

Must-visit Attractions

Goa is truly what depicts everything hearty and larger than life. Lovely beaches Calangute, Baga and Anjuna have always been in the list of must-visit attractions. Apart from that, breathtakingly picturesque hamlets on Goa coastline make perfect sojourn for nature-lovers and romantic couples. When in Goa, take a tour to the capital city Panaji and Old Goa, the best architectural features of the state. Gorgeous churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral, mammoth fort Aguda and beautiful Cabo Palace draw hordes to visitors inclined towards culture & history. Goa has several museums too, which are worth exploring.

Goa has three wildlife sanctuaries, which have a lot in store for nature-loving tourists. Scintillating scenery, exotic flora & fauna and interesting animal shows – these sanctuaries deliver its visitors an unforgettable experience.

Navigating Goa

It’s easy to orient yourself to Goa from the capital city Panaji. The city is a great starting point for getting all Goa sightseeing done, being the central location and well-endued with transfer options. However, to know and love Goa, you must opt for a walk or ride. Hiring motor-bikes is a good option, especially you come with friends. You can also use excellent bus network or can hire car services available all around the state.

Goa has an international airport in Debolim, which has flights from all major cities around the world. Flights from Delhi to Goa remain in high demand, as a large number of backpackers visit the state from northern hill-lands and plains.

Shopping extravaganza:

You can shop till you drop in Goa. The state offers a plethora of options including gleaming shopping malls, traditional flea markets and street-side stores to cater shopping needs for visitors and the locals alike. Wednesday Flea market at Anjuna beach attracts a large number of tourists who love shopping and dining. An open air market, it has stalls selling local artifacts, fruits & vegetables, hand-made pots & vessels and a variety of garment items at reasonable rates. Shehnaz Shopping Center in Panaji, Goa Shopping Cenetr in Vasco, Acron Arcade in Candolim and Caculo Mall in Panaji are other great choices for shopping in the state.

Apart from that, you would surely love Goa’s nightlife and awesome selections for dining and boozing. The best time to visit here is winter, from October to March.